The Self Publishing Blueprint

Reach more readers and create more impact. Explode your visibility and profits!

Create a Marketing Plan that works-  One that doesn’t rely on begging your mom and sis to buy your book.

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Jane Tabachnick in the media

Don’t let your book be Iike that tree that falls in the forest…

A great book, with no marketing, might as well not exist. It won’t be seen or heard.

The world needs to hear your message and you’ll need a strategy and plan to get the word out about your book.

Sue Salenger

Jane has been so instrumental in helping me launch my new book and I’m so glad for this opportunity to tell you about what it’s like to work with her.

First, she’s fabulous- she really knows how to launch and market books and is totally familiar with the best ways to navigate Amazon’s algorithms.

Secondly, she’s so easy to work with. She’s flexible, she works so hard for me and was instrumental in placing the book where it needed to be. I think she’d be just great for any authors to work with.

Susan Salenger, Author of Sidelined

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